Three European themes

Aside from the various categories, the ‘Here in Europe’ project will examine three European themes which play a part in the Heer community:

1. Security along a borderless border

Open borders create great opportunities, but what does it do with our sense of security? How do the residents of Heer feel about Europe’s open-border policy? Do they themselves cross the border a lot?

Green deal: the implications of a sustainable transition at a local level

Maastricht was one of the cities all over the world where large numbers of young protesters hit the streets during the climate marches. Are the residents of Heer also installing solar panels en masse or is sustainability not a real issue?

Open borders and creative entrepreneurs along the border

With its many shops, small businesses and cafés, Heer is a bustling neighbourhood with a range of small and medium-sized businesses, run by and frequented by local residents. But we see an increasing number of them closing down. How are the closed borders affecting these businesses? Can they keep their heads above water in the corona crisis?

In the coming period, we’ll be examining these and many other questions and discussing them in Heer. These three themes are also the subjects of the ‘Bitter ball debates’ which we’ll be organising in Heer in September. You’ll find more information on these debates here.

In these corona times

The digital and onsite study will naturally be determined largely by the coronavirus, which is completely oblivious to national borders. Do we feel the effects of the European collaboration and the tensions which come to the fore at a local level in this period so overshadowed by corona? How is the virus affecting the lives of residents and entrepreneurs in and around Heer?

Back in time
Although the world has changed dramatically in the past months and we struggle to keep pace with the latest developments, the ‘Here in Europe’ project is also looking back. For example: how have the locals and entrepreneurs in Heer experienced the changes in Europe since the Maastricht Treaty was signed in 1992?