Here in Europe

The role of Europe in our daily lives

What part does Europe play in our daily life?

If you want to know what European integration is about; what it means to you, to your day-to-day life – you can go to Brussels. You can also simply walk out onto the street, turn the corner and start exploring your own neighbourhood. That’s what we did. Right here in Heer, one of the many special, ‘ordinary’ neighbourhoods that Europe boasts. We learned a lot of things. And have a lot of things to tell. Learn about the (European) stories of Heer to understand Europe!
winkelcentrum heer

From digital study to local dialogues

Between April and September 2020, we studied the impact of the European Union on everyday life in the ‘Heer’ neighbourhood in Maastricht, ‘searching for’ Europe on the basis of three themes:

  • Living together and securityin a borderless border region
  • Green deal: the implications of a sustainable transition at a local level
  • Open borders and flexible entrepreneurs along the border

You’ll find more information on these themes here.

The Stories

We have been looking for stories, anecdotes, facts and snippets of information: where in Heer can we find Europe and where can’t it be found? Are you interested in the findings of our study and do you want to experience them in our multimedia story? Look on the map to find out!

Special collaboration

‘Here in Europe’ is an innovative collaboration between:

Sponsored by the European Union’s EU Protects campaign

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