Here in Europe

The role of Europe in our daily lives

What part does Europe play in our daily life?

The restrictions necessitated by the coronavirus mean that Europe has suddenly and emphatically manifested itself in our daily life. But at the same time, Europe feels further away than ever as a result of the closed borders and the tensions between the Member States. You’ll certainly have seen footage of border blockades or read articles comparing the corona restrictions in the various Member States: all things that make the European Union seem further away. Or perhaps we’ve only just realised that the EU had always been much closer than we’d always thought.
It’s precisely the role of the European Union at local level that we’ll be examining in the ‘Here in Europe’ project in the coming period.
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From digital study to local dialogues

Between April and September 2020, we’ll be studying the impact of the European Union on everyday life in the ‘Heer’ neighbourhood in Maastricht.

We’ll be ‘searching for’ Europe on the basis of three themes:

  • Security along a borderless border
  • Green deal: the implications of a sustainable transition at a local level
  • Open borders and flexible entrepreneurs along the border

You’ll find more information on these themes here.

Because of the corona restrictions, we started exploring this theme digitally in April, but from 4 June till 3 July we’ll be doing that in the community from a special base camp. We’ll be talking to the residents of Heer, the places around it and the Euregion border community.

If the corona restrictions have been eased In September, we’ll be closing off on Friday afternoons with friendly and Informal  ‘bitter ball debates’ for the residents and entrepreneurs in and around Heer.

Special collaboration

‘Here in Europe’ is an innovative collaboration between:

Sponsored by the European Union’s EU Protects campaign

Read all about us and our collaboration here.

The Stories

We’ll be looking for stories, anecdotes, facts and snippets of information: where in Heer can we find Europe and where can’t it be found? The rapid developments in the corona crisis are impacting heavily on our lives and therefore most of the stories just now. Interested in the first findings of our study? And want to know where the stories play out? Look on the map to find out.